Shelter Safe House, a Latvian NGO working to support migrant women, recently concluded its "WIN - Women in Need" project in cooperation with Femxa, a Spanish training organization.

The project aimed to provide support and training for women who have left their home countries for various reasons and now are establishing their new lives in Latvia and in Spain. Project’s objective was cultural integration and labour insertion with a focus on digital skills and cyber security.

A total of 138 women showed interest in participating in the project. After analyzing the fulfillment of the pre-established requirements, they were granted access to the project platform, and a mentor was made available to resolve any doubts related to the online training as well as to monitor their progress and job search path.

In the period between September and December 2022, a total of 44 beneficiaries completed the training and received full mentoring and follow-up during their participation in the project. These participants were given a certification accrediting the competencies acquired at the end of the Capacity Development Towards Employment Stage. Participants in the "WIN - Women in Need" project came from a diverse range of backgrounds, including countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, Vietnam, and others.

The project included a range of activities, all of which were successfully implemented over the course of the project. These included the development of an online training program about Latvia and Spain, as well as cyber security. Participants were trained in using an app developed specifically for the project, which aimed to provide them with support and resources for dealing with domestic violence.

In addition to the training program, the project also included study visits to both Latvia and Spain, allowing project managers allowing them to learn from the best practices in supporting migrant women in each country and raise awareness about migration and integration.

The closing event for the project took place on January 24, 2023. During the event, the project's results were presented and discussed, with a focus on the impact that the training program and other activities had on the participants. The event also provided an opportunity for the project partners and participants to reflect on the project as a whole and discuss how its outcomes could be used to further support migrant women.

The "WIN - Women in Need" project has been an important initiative for Shelter Safe House and Femxa, highlighting the need for support and training for migrant women. By providing participants with the skills and resources they need to stay safe and empowered, the project has helped to make a difference in the lives of those who have left their home countries and have had to start a life in a new country.